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Who We Are?
Our Brand
Hongwen Montessori Academy offers an extensive and meaningful education to our students by implementing the Montessori philosophy. Our mixed-age classes combine Chinese and Western cultures by including teachers and students from both origins. A beautiful comfortable environment, eco-friendly materials and responsible, qualified teaching team ensure your children's safety,enjoyment and meaningful experiences. By allowing the child to learn at their own pace, he or she is able to develop independence,motor skills, coordination, concentration, language, art, and sensorial skills. We fulfil our mission with love and responsibility, building an outstanding platform to offer a splendid beginning for children. Montessori Academy is an American Montessori society (AMS) Member school.  

Our Background 

Far East Horizon Group is a leading innovative financing and leasing service organization in China, providingintegrated financial services for multiple fields. It has always been focusing on the investment and operation of high-end schools under the guidance of "Finance + Industry" strategy. Far East Horizon was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in March of 2011.  For more information, welcome to check http://www.fehorizon.com/Class_77/Default.aspx
Head Office
Horizon Education Investment Holding (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.
Far East Horizon Limited, No.9 Yaojiang Lu, Pudong District, Shanghai
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