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Montessori Working Time- Every day for about an hour and a half the children are free to choose the five areas of daily life, senses, language (English), culture and mathematics, and focus on working in the soothing background music. In Hongwen Montessori Academy, children are the masters of the environment, and …..
In this summer, teachers of Hongwen Montessori Academy GH campus took part in various academic training and teaching preparation for the new school year in turn, and carried out a number of safety training and drills...
When the last spring rain drifts by,the summer of 2020 is coming quietly. After a special holiday, Let us understand the importance of protecting nature and animals. So we decided to bring one to our children relaxed, happy and environmentally theme summer camp. Montessori Work Time: In Montessoris working hou…..
Time flies and roses bloom, from spring to summer, there are not only four seasons in a year, but also graduation season. Children who used to enter the campus with pacifiers and crying, we have arrived at the summer of "farewell". Now you are going to start a beautiful fairy tale, and later stories may inclu…..
After the extended holiday we reopened our school for the children. In order to provide our children with a safe and secure environment, the school has made adequate preparations to accommodate for the current special period. Our new procedures now include measurements of body temperature three times a day, our m…..
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