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Children want to move- in fact, they need to move-while they are learning in Montessori Academy. Our whole campus and classrooms provide environments for movement, from our big, beautiful outdoor playground to the lessons and activities in the classroom, children in the Xuhui Campus have many opportunities to develop gr…..
November12, 2018 may be an ordinary day for many people, but for a group of childrenunder the age of three, it may well be the first time they have ever left theirparents. A day to start a new journey in life. Weinvited six children to be the first to study in Panda Class, and looking backon this week, the children cr…..
Fall is a great time for children to explore and enjoy the outdoor activity other than staying in school. Montessori Academy’s children went on a trip to Shanghai Wild Animal Park to enjoy the fall and learn about the animals. 秋风送爽,秋意怡人,正是小朋友外出秋游的好时机。此次,蒙世学堂碧云园带领了我们的孩子们…..
We have gone to the Ocean World near Lu jia zui to pay the sea creatures a visit. Children were excited about the trip and had learnt a great deal about ocean life. Learning the different kinds of fish and marine animals. The beautiful jellyfish. This trip has enable children to understand more about the relat…..
Montessori Academy wishes everyone a blessed & blissful Mooncake Day!..
The new semester has already started! After the summer vacation, the children have returned to the familiar classroom, with more new friends and they are happy together. Some children are still adapting to the new environment, but parents are very cooperative and entrust their children to us. After a few days of ada…..
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