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2020 Fall Semester
2020 Fall Semester

Montessori Working Time-

Every day for about  an hour and a half the children are free to choose the five areas of daily life, senses, language (English), culture and mathematics, and focus on working in the soothing background music.

In Hongwen Montessori Academy, children are the masters of the environment, and the teachers protect their interest in learning. With effective ground rules, the children have a lot of space to show their talent. Teachers work hard to continuously refresh the work in the classroom to always have something for the children to discover. In the process of learning and exploration, teachers focus on observation. Children can explore, choose their own work, and go back to an activity they like to repeat it again and again, finally mastering skills. In the process of gradually gaining experience, children will also form their own way of thinking to understand new things. "

Circle Time-

During the circle time, the teacher will start with a broad topic, such as weather, counting, etc., but in the specific teaching process, they will ask different questions according to the children's age and ability. Take counting as an example. Older children can count by leaps or backwards, while younger children imitate and follow first.

Leveled Reading-

In addition to Montessori language materials and circle language courses, we also focuses on the cultivation of reading ability. Children are in an immersion English environment, so it is natural for them to read independently. Children take the reading materials home every day for parents and students to practice together. Once the child has mastered the material, they can replace it with a new one. It's an activity that is as independent as possible. Interesting leveled reading materials and repetition skills lay the foundation for a child's success.


Art, Music, Sports and Cooking-

The weekly art class allows children to display their imagination through observation, and to interpret their understanding and yearning for things with brushes and materials. Every child can become an artist!

Art is the recognition and re creation of beauty, while music is the expression of the soul. We use various musical instruments (including Piano) to let children learn music sense and music theory, and experience various musical instruments personally. Teachers will also teach children various English songs and dances, so that children can fully experience the fun of music.

In addition to classroom courses, we also attaches great importance to children's outdoor activity time and space. In addition to daily outdoor activities, there is also a sports course taught by professional physical education teachers every week. We makes full use of the unique environmental resources in the villa area. Every day, you can take a walk in the garden to study flowers and plants, which may be the research specimen of the next science class. Sometimes, you can exercise climbing, tug of war, jumping and so on in the outdoor playground next to the school Cross motor skills. And every week, we will go to the spacious basketball court for a variety of physical exercises.

Let children learn how to eat scientifically from childhood. We will let children experience sowing, cultivation, harvesting, food preparation and the important link: making food. Strengthen children's understanding of food nutrition and food safety, as well as the inheritance of food culture.

Special Courses

In addition to the regular courses, we also set up some special courses every afternoon:

Science class

Our first week's theme was "making elastic balls."

Chinese class

Greenhills Campus is an all English environment, with two Chinese classes a week, so the extra Chinese class is an option for foreign children or Chinese parents who need more Chinese courses.


This week we worked with our kids to make a penholder out of clay.

It is a way for us to explore knowledge and promote brain development. The more we do it, the more we can learn.

In addition, sculpting can bring children fine movement ability exercise, that is, the unity and coordination of thinking consciousness and muscle movement.

At the same time, it can cultivate children's observation, creativity and imagination. Children will gradually grasp the characteristics of things around them in the process of careful observation. Children's manual activities from imitation to creation are just the process of continuous improvement of creativity. In the process of observing the real things and creating the imaginary things, it enriches the connection in children's mind, and creativity is produced from this.


This week we introduced the concept of differentiation to the children, and it is a fantastic tool for their cognitive and academic development. We will introduce each skill step-by-step to ensure the students are not overwhelmed, and it will give them an opportunity to learn about categorization and recognizing similarities and differences.  We began with a very fun warm up game, where the children had to copy each other’s poses in pairs! Then, as a class we looked at a big mirror and discussed why and how our reflections can be seen. After this the students did a matching activity using flashcards. The key vocabulary taught in this class was mirror, reflection, copy and matching. We also used workbook pages as an extension, and the children made amazing little mirror books.

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