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Back to school~
Back to school~

After the extended holiday we reopened our school for the children.


In order to provide our children with a safe and secure environment, the school has made adequate preparations to accommodate for the current special period. Our new procedures now include measurements of body temperature three times a day, our morning check and hand washing with running water. Also the classrooms are regularly disinfected and ventilated.

After the long holiday, the children have grown taller and stronger.

The children returned to school with mixed feelings but soon readjusted to their school life. They swiftly settled and entered a pleasant working time.

The children in the toddler class adapted to their daily routine at an unexpected speed, enjoying their time with their friends and teachers.

A school without children doesn’t feel right, we are excited to welcome back our children and look forward to seeing them grow. During the extended break, our teachers missed the children very much and are very happy to have their wonderful children back in the classroom.


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