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Christmas Bazaar
Christmas Bazaar

The fund we raised for H2H in December got 21,793.16 RMB! Everyone at the charity is very happy and grateful for the contribution from the school. It is amazing that the amount can afford a surgery for one child.

Every teacher in campus has been trying to make the Christmas event meaningful and joyful, and the bazaar idea finally came out. Those activities in each class are so attractive that every child and their parents love them so much. We can’t forget the hair clips and wreaths came from Charles Dickens’s house, the yummy cookies came from gingerbread fantasy, the ice cones and creative paintings came from frozen house, the candy stockings came from candy land, the teddy bears came from Santa’s workshop…

The final station is Santa’s workshop. The Santa is waiting there to say hello to everyone and sending gifts with secret cards in it to the children.

In this beautiful wonderland, we believe that every child has learned that the love we share, the kindness we give, and the joy we create will always come back to bless us.

Thankyou again! Merry Christmas!

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