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UN Day at Greenhills Campus
UN Day at Greenhills Campus

The children learned that the purpose of the UN is to "preserve peace, advance justice and constitute a permanent structure for international cooperation." The United Nations acts helps countries work together to achieve peace and human rights.

Our Dragon Class students learned about keeping peace and made doves. 

Some towns celebrate by holding publicrallies with speakers who share what the UN has accomplished. Some towns havefestivals with music and dancing.

At Greenhills, children celebrated UN Dayduring the entire month of October.  Westudied continents, and flags. 

Tiger Class had a UN Day Parade in theirclassroom, flying their flags and completing a UN floor puzzle together!

Someparents even came to the classroom give lessons on their countries!

We learned some French songs, sometraditional Korean musical instruments. We also played games and ate snacks from all around the world.  It was a great opportunity for the childrento learn about, and appreciate different cultures and their customs.

A big thank you to all the parents who sharedlessons with our students!

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