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Welcome back to school
Welcome back to school

First week of school means meeting a lot of new friends and exploring new things together.

For some of children, this could be their first school in life.

Especially the toddlers, carrying their little knapsack, leaving the care of their family for the first time.
This is a new environment to them that stocked with great storybooks, friendly peers, unlimited "work", with gentle teachers.
Although it can be challenging to leave the parents but they will soon be attracted by the warmth and welcoming environment. Even though the familiar faces are absent but every cloud has a silver lining.

As of older children, they have grown so much over the break. Everyone was eager to share their experience of summer vacation and dive back into the working environment in no time. 

Not only do children have separation anxiety, but adults too. Hereby are some advices to help with the transition:
· Please maintain good communication with your child(ren) and teachers. You can ask seek help or ask if you have any questions 
· Use a positive attitude and tone to encourage your child. Try not to let them feel anxious and talk more about the school
· Say goodbye to the child properly and pick him/her up on time. Give him/her a hug and only promise him what you can deliver

The time duration and way to adapt to the new environment is different. Therefore, being patience and supportive is the key for smoother transition. We believed that every child will find their sense of belonging in Lingshan Campus, making many new friends and grow in different aspects.

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