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静安园春节放假通知Vacation Notice
静安园春节放假通知Vacation Notice









A message to our community,

With our first semester almost behind us, we want to extend a heartfelt thank you for your continued support. We have thoroughly enjoyed watching your children grow and learn throughout the year and hope you have seen great positive changes considering their Montessori education. We have and we can't wait to see more from them during the year of the pig!

Happy Spring Festival!

The Jing'an Campus Team






17 Days Vacation

From February 1st to February 17th

February 18th,2019 Back to school


Friendly reminder



Food Safety


  1. 拒绝不健康的食物。不吃半生不熟的食物、染有色素的食品等等。不干净或变质的食品,很容易引发急性胃炎或胃肠炎.

  1. Monitor eating - Children eat more food than usual on holidays. This can lead to indigestion, causing gastrointestinal damage. 

  2. Keep health in mind - Undercooked, dyed, dirty or spoiled foods can cause acute gastritis or gastroenteritis. Be aware of all ingredients you use and takeout your child consumes.


Keep Clean

  1. 传染病预防。春节期间避免带孩子前往人群拥挤、空气污浊的场所。冬季是上呼吸道传染的高发季节,希望家长引起高度重视,做好防范工作。

  2. 勤洗手。家长要和孩子一起勤洗手,特别是饭前和外出游戏玩耍回家后,一定要先把小手洗干净,减少细菌的传播。

  3. 室内勤通风。保持室内空气里流通是预防传染病的有效方式,空气质量达标时,保证每天不少于30分钟开窗通风时间。

  1. Prevent illness - Avoid taking children to crowded places during the Spring Festival. Winter is pollutions season, keep inside on polluted days.

  2. Wash hands frequently - Before eating and after returning from each outing, be sure to wash hands to reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses.

  3. Ventilation - When the air quality is good, ensure that your windows are left open at least 30 minutes each day.


Outdoor Safety

  1. 交通安全。遵守交通规则,教育孩子不在马路上追逐玩耍。

  2. 加强自我保护。让孩子记住自己的家庭住址、父母姓名、家庭电话、求救电话等,以备急需之用。

  3. 预防拐骗。教会孩子对于陌生人坚决不予理睬,不轻信陌生人的求助和话语。去人多的地方建议使用防走失书包或手环。

  4. 行车安全。不让孩子做副驾驶,引导孩子坐儿童安全座椅,并以身作则系好安全带,不将孩子独自滞留在车内,以免发生突发事件,威胁到孩子的生命安全。

  1. Traffic safety - Obey traffic rules and educate your children not to chase and play on the road.

  2. Where do I live? Help your child start to remember your home address, each parent's name, a phone number and what to do if they do lose you, eg. call for help, find police etc.

  3. Prevent abduction - Teach your child not to speak to strangers and not to believe what strangers tell them.

  4. Driving safely - Do not allow your child to sit on your lap. Ensure they have a safety seat that coordinated to their weight and fasten your seatbelt to lead by example.


Schedule and Rest

  1. 保持良好作息。元旦期间合理安排好孩子的作息时间,早睡、早起、多锻炼身体,尽量保持幼儿园的作息规律,以免孩子放假后回到园中出现不适应的现象。

  2. 独立做事。假期中请您坚持,适当放手让孩子自己独立完成各项任务,绝不包办代替,培养孩子的自理能力及劳动意识。如:自己穿脱鞋子、自己吃饭、自己按时午睡等。

  1. Keep a routine - Try to keep the kindergarten's work schedule. This will help your child return to school without too many upsets.

  2. Independence - The holidays are a great time to give your child ample time to work hard at their skills on their own. Putting on their own shoes, their jackets, taking food off their plate and eating by themselves. Make Maria Montessori proud and have your child return to school proud of their independence too!


Language Tips

看看我们静安园语言老师推送的《Don't forget language learning!》吧~

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