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PE Program-Sports Make Happier Children
PE Program-Sports Make Happier Children

Children want to move- in fact, they need to move-while they are learning in Montessori Academy. Our whole campus and classrooms provide environments for movement, from our big, beautiful outdoor playground to the lessons and activities in the classroom, children in the Xuhui Campus have many opportunities to develop gross motor skills. Children have at least one hour of gross motor play each day, and once a week, we have our physical education (PE) class implemented by a professional PE teacher. Our PE class is one of our beloved classes by our children and parents!

While engaged in physical activity, a large number of cognitive skills are also being developed. For example: knowing and remembering the name of their body parts and exercise equipment; understanding and following teacher's explanation and instruction; and developing the concept of spatial awareness and time are all aspects that aid in cognitive development and can be used in the classroom. 

Children also learn self-confidence, self-respect, and self-reliance in sports. In our PE class, the teacher designs various physical tasks whose skills build upon each other, allowing children to develop these skills over time. During this process, children become more confident with their ability, able to express opinions and ideas, are more willing to try new activities independently, and are able to protect themselves in a proper way. They learn not to rely on others during activities and are able to complete tasks and requirements independently.

Team spirit helps children to succeed. Our PE teacher designs team activies to teach children not to be afraid of working together to complete activities  and to negotiate with others during this process. Children also learn self-control and self-awareness. In the process of completing a team activity, children explore their capabilities and discover what can be done and what can not be done based on skills. Cooperation and team spirit is an important lesson that aid children's social development.

In Montessori Academy, we not only take care of our children, but also provide good communication and education opportunities to parents. We would like to get our children's parents involved and be aware of what activies are taught and loved by their children. Recently, we invited parents to join our PE classes so they could see firsthand the type of activities their children are engaged in on a regular basis. Parents had so much fun playing with children and praised our physical education program! We hope all our children develop and have a love for physical activity for the years to come!

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