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First Week of MA Xiushan Campus
First Week of MA Xiushan Campus

November12, 2018 may be an ordinary day for many people, but for a group of childrenunder the age of three, it may well be the first time they have ever left theirparents. A day to start a new journey in life.  

Weinvited six children to be the first to study in Panda Class, and looking backon this week, the children cried and laughed, and the parents have too!

Inorder to better adapt children to the life of panda class, Teachers spent morethan three months carefully arranging the classroom environment to allow everychild who walks into the classroom feel as warm and comfortable as home.

Thefirst day of Panda class was very unexpected. Quiet and peaceful, with eachchild settling into the classroom and exploring materials naturally. Withlittle assistance from teachers, Panda class already feels like a much olderclass!

Onthe second morning, new materials were presented to the children who neededpractice with fine motor skills such as spooning and artist handicraft. Thesecond day saw the arrival of more children, but by 9:30am it was quiet againand all children were settled into their work.

Thethird day was Arts and Crafts day with children making handmade turkeys. Theyworked so well creating little masterpieces!

Onthe fourth day of school, there were a few tears in the morning saying goodbyeto parents, however after a while, all settled down and everyone wasquiet.  All the children were slowlystarting to adapt now and working well independently and in small groups.

Onthe last day of the week Panda class went outside to explore the falling ofleaves, collecting them, and making small necklaces! It’s amazing to see thechildren working so well together.

Parentswho support their children have a lot of love and doubts about leaving them atschool for the first time. It’s important to remember not to let these worriesaffect your child, and rest assured these feelings are completely natural.

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