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Hongwen Montessori Academy Laoshan campus Summer Camp starts
Hongwen Montessori Academy Laoshan campus Summer Camp starts

August 23,Hongwen Montessori Academy Laoshan campus will have summer camp,experience our school with your kids if parents are interested in our course!

The stage drama integrates the educational drama system and the music teaching method deeply. The director conceives the whole course and allows children to show themselves on the stage and achieve self-confidence!
The last day of the course is the opportunity for children to show themselves on the stage, and theatrical performances will make them more natural.
Children learn in drama practice, break through themselves, and recognize themselves. This is not only a performance, but also a harvest.

Science experiments are a favorite course for kids.
Inspire children's curiosity and enthusiasm through simple, interesting, and practical science experiments, explore the laws of things in experiments, and learn to follow rules and cooperate with each other.
Experiments such as color changes, volcanic eruptions, and solar windmills have allowed children to actively participate in operational activities to experience changes and stimulate interest in science.

Breaking eggs, scrambling eggs, cutting tomatoes, toasting, can you imagine this is a food class for a group of children?
As one of the summer camp courses, the food production session will inspire children's love for “food” and feel the hard-won food in the course.
Entertaining and teaching is the best way to learn the knowledge.

At least 1.5 hours of outdoor activities every day, including exclusive playing balls, planting areas to observe plants, and weekly mountain climbing in the park for sightseeing and other outdoor activities, are good for the physical fitness of kids.
Sand water area, planting area, sports area, climbing area and various outdoor physical fitness equipment, more than 3,800 square meters of school are enough for children to enjoy and grow up happily.
In addition, there are more interesting courses in the summer camp, waiting to be unlocked.

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