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Happy Mother’s Day
Happy Mother’s Day

May, the sun is Shining, the wind is blowing, in this season of family harmony, we ushered in this year's Mother's Day, in this warm day, in order to let the children learn to appreciate the love of their mothers, children of Laoshan Campus, under the guidance of the teachers carried out the flower arrangement activities.

During the activity, the children first met the carnations, understood the language of the carnations, and with the help of the teacher, they manually trimmed the stems and inserted the flowers into the flower mud.

The foreign teacher taught each baby to sayHappy Mother's Day in English and Mom, I love you. Let the babies send theflower to their mother.

The mother's love is like a long stream ofwater, through the mother's day flower arrangement activities, let the childrendo themselves, make gifts, and express their love for their mother.

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