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May 12th is our mothers day. Today my mother went to school with us! Rainbow umbrella around, there are mothers to protect, we play happily in the rainbow umbrella oh! The Koala Class -- a bunch of beautiful flowers for mom! The Panda class -- a song called "I love you Mummy".A card full of love for my moth…..
April 23rd is our earth day, kangaroo class use the class teaching AIDS trash can classification, (glass, plastic, paper, leftovers, metal) English circle, use video to watch the garbage recycling station is how to deal with the garbage. Then I sorted and recycled the items brought by the childrens families. Some of the…..
November12, 2018 may be an ordinary day for many people, but for a group of childrenunder the age of three, it may well be the first time they have ever left theirparents. A day to start a new journey in life. Weinvited six children to be the first to study in Panda Class, and looking backon this week, the children cr…..
During the first week here at Xiushan Campus, we ushered in new children and parents. The children are happy, curious, and eager to learn. Now is a good time to reflect upon the performance of the children in the first week of school. Children crying during the first few days or weeks is completely normal, and the teac…..
A father is a son’s first hero and a daughter’s first love. Today we baked our own cookies to celebrate Father’s Day! Happy Fathers Day!!! Click the link to watch the Fathers Day video. Happy Fathers Day..
Todays sunshine, flowers and laughter are all blessings for you. Seeing your innocent smile, we will feel no regrets. Hearing your naive words, we will forget tiredness. We hope you can grow up healthily and have a childhood without sorrow...
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