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English Immersion Program

Our Language Immersion program is a scientific methodology which involves teaching learners of all ages a second or foreign language. Over the years, it has proven to be an effective and successful program where all the subjects are taught in only one specific language. At our Lingshan campus, we are pleased to offer a full English immersion program for children who are between the ages of 18 months to six years of age. The purpose behind this is to truly ‘immerse’ the students into an environment that is purely English. The characteristics of our program are that instructions and 100% of the activities and subjects taught are carried out in the English language. Our classes are led by native English speaking teachers who are qualified and experienced in teaching and whose main goal is to teach students through direct contact with the language. Some of the benefits of our English Language Immersion program are that it helps the students to really understand the language well and it leads to a deeper understanding between the spoken language and written words. Apart from simply just developing language skills, it teaches students how to think globally and it is much less confusing than the usual curriculum that is often translation based. In our immersion program, children will learn English in an environment that is personal, challenging and emotionally supportive. Our class sizes are kept small, and the end result is that each child is able to receive the individual attention from the teacher which is crucial in making sure that the necessary level of development and growth is made.

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