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Mandarin Immersion Program

Our Chinese curriculum parallels the English program; reinforcing concepts learned in the typical English curriculum. However, they are taught in Chinese. We developed most of the Mandarin Language material ourselves.

In a traditional Chinese learning style, children learn to write the characters by repetition. However, for a very young child, this can be difficult and boring. We’ve created fun and interesting colouring, tracing, writing and reading material for different levels to accompany each topic. The children are writing the characters, but following the Montessori way. They learn something about the world around them while they practice writing.  It really excites children to work on what they are interested in.

To draw students into using the language, teachers often use songs, useful phrases, chants, rhymes and structure the day with familiar routines. Also, when using their favourite toys or playing in the role-play area, the children have to speak in Chinese – and they do! Many parents are concern that immersion may have a negative impact on their child’s English language development. Therefore, we have created a great English phonetics program so that the children are not only being able to read in Mandarin but also in English.

In the Mandarin class, teachers model correct language use through appropriate grammar and speech patterns. They also respond to students’ needs for special language instruction in situations where the students seem confused or unsure of how to use the new language. Teachers are observant and supportive of the students so they can become proficient in the second language. We also help students to learn how to use the new language through discussion where it helps to expand their vocabulary and strengthen their communication skill. Students learn the new language by using it throughout the school day in social and academic situations with their peers and teachers.

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