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1.What age groups does the school accept?
About 18 months to 6 years old
2.What curriculum does LingShan Campus use?
As a Montessori school we teach different concepts using our Montessori tools, when concepts are grasped, children find it easy to convert their learning skills and progress into written work.
3.What will my child eat while they are in school? 
We provide twice a week Chinese food and three times a week western food.
4.How many children are there in a class and what is the teacher student ratio? 
Maximum 13 children for 1.5-3 years old class   Maximum 15-18 children for 3-6 years old class In every class is one main teacher, 2 assistant teachers and one life teacher.
5.Is there a scheduled nap time during the day?
Yes, but it is not mandatory. Nap time is from around 12:45 to 14:00.
6.Will my child be learning English or Chinese?
Montessori Academy (LingShan Lu Campus)offers two language classes: Full Immersion Mandarin Class and Full Immersion English Class. In English immersion class, students learn and live in English speaking environment. Chinese immersion class mirrors English program, which are taught in Chinese only.
7.When can I visit the school?
Please make an appointment. School tours are available between 9:30 A.M to 2:00 P.M from Monday to Friday. Tel: 021-50755472
8.Is there a school bus system? 
Yes, we provide school bus service. (Only for Pudong district, without highway or ringroads)
9.Does my child need to be toilet trained before they attend school?
No, this is not necessary. Our class teachers are happy to work together with families in this matter and we can detail your child's progress. We are also there to offer any assistance we can to aid the process.
10.Our family language is not English. If my child is learning English all day, will their native language learning suffer? 
No, but they will learn the second language natural and similar to a native speaker, which will make them bilingual.
11.What facilities does the school have?
All of our classrooms are large and airy providing plenty of space for all the children's activities and needs. Each classroom also comes with its own bathroom facilities and drinking water area.
Head Office
Horizon Education Investment Holding (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.
Far East Horizon Limited, No.9 Yaojiang Lu, Pudong District, Shanghai
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