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Lingshan Campus 2019 Graduation
Lingshan Campus 2019 Graduation

Atthis age, we grew up.

Thisyear, we graduated.

Every June, I will reminisce the loss of time. The children’s admission to the school on the first day is still vivid. Recently, the graduating children wearing the graduation gown received the offer of admission to the elementary schools are looking forward to their future undertaking.

I still remember you refused to let go your mommy,
Now you can go to the classroom carrying your bag and sometimes, even forgot to bid goodbye to your mother.
You were shy and learning to talk
Now, you are fluent and articulate in English speaking
Some of you who have just arrived have stumbled,
Now the whole playground is full with the memories of you playing and smilling

Not only do you achieved flying colour in academic performance, but you also learnt to share, love and became more confidence in the environment of Montessori. I am very happy to see you as a witness to such a big change.
On the day of the graduation ceremony, each child demonstrated their abilities in their own ways to their parents and teachers. The two Toddler Classes children performed a song together and the EC children’s’ performances have more variety. There were exotic Flamenco dance with wonderful singing and dancing performances, as well as English poetry reciting that was full of love for the school

Dear children, I hope that you would remember your time at school. The teachers that taught you the skills and principles, and the precious time you had with your friends.

Dear parents, thank you for your trust and support for the school, you are the pillar to your child! 

A farewell is necessary so that we can meet again! The days were wonderful and memories are golden! As you move into a new venture, may luck and success always be with you!  

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