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Let's go on a field trip with grandparents!
Let's go on a field trip with grandparents!

The Double Ninth Festival is also a time for family to get together. It is an occasion to remember one's ancestors, the sacrifices they made and the hardships they underwent. Often, family outings are organised during which people search to renew their appreciation of nature and to reaffirm their love and concern for family members and close friends. Montessori Academy invited all the grandparents to join us to a field trip this time.

The first game to warm up before hiking was a group hugging game. The teacher would call a number, then kids would need to find the same amount of people to hug together. 



We encounter a lot of plants when we go hiking, but what are their names? The teacher made everyone a little picture book with different plants on it. Children could try to find everything on that book while they were hiking. 

The children were so impressed by the magic of the nature. Every little discovery amazed them. The nature is the best teacher for the children and it helps everyone become a little scientist and an explorer. 

Some parents are probably busy with work and have a little time to spend with their children. This kind of activity creates an opportunity for them to enjoy the time together. The children were very excited. 


After a brief rest, the children made "Shou Tao" hand crafts for their grandparents and wished them a long healthy and happy life. 

At the end of this trip, we had picnic together. Sometimes it feels good to escape from the crowding of the city and enjoy what the nature offers. 

This field trip did not only let children explore in the nature but also helped make connections among different generations. 

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