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Event Review: Eat Fall Fun
Event Review: Eat Fall Fun

On September 23rd, the day of tradional Chinese solarterm-Qiu Fen, we held a fascinating event at Montessori Academy Chongqing Campus. Now, Let's take a look at what happened on this day.  

The first activity is "Make the Egg Stand". It seems hard, but there's always someone who can make it happen.

Look, this lucky girl did it!

Giving out "Qiu Niu“ picticres is one of the things that Chinese people do during Qiu Fen. This time, our kids made their own water buffalo pictures to give each other as a present.

Then it was time for wrapping the wheat! Autumn is the season of harvest, and wheat is the symbol for a good yield. Kids wrapped their own wheat and brought home this joy of autumn.

At last, it's time for some autumn cuisine. Moon-cake festival is the time of the year we eat moon cakes! This time, our children tried by themselves to make some delicious moon cakes.    

We had a taste of the harvest at the end of this event.     

And everyone received Beijing traditional artifact-Mao Hou as a present.

We are looking forward to having fun with you next time !

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