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Review Events: May Flower Adventure-Finding Neverland Open Day
Review Events: May Flower Adventure-Finding Neverland Open Day

May 20th, children who came to join May Flower Adventure Open Day at Montessori Academy (Chongqing campus) spent a joyful morning and enjoyed many exciting games. We designed 6 islands with funny games and when everything was ready we only had to wait for the brave sailors to arrive. Let us take a review of the Open Day.

Nearly 9:30am, families began to arrive with their ticket collected from last week.

Funny Face Island at the school gate welcomed the first group guests. They had a chance to choose some pictures from our samples and after that children could take on line with full anticipation.

Later, all the families started their adventure to different islands. On the Floating Island, children could make floating boats by themselves.

On the Doughnut Island, children had so much fun eating doughnuts, which were specially prepared by our baker in advance, only using mouth, without hands.

On the Brave Island, children could experience a range of sports equipment which generally can help them to improve their balance.

Look! Animal models made fromclay by children were having a carnival on the Zoo Island!

On the Ice Island, children saved the animals from the ice-curb. Thanks to this activity, they learned that there are many animals in the world that need our care and protection.

After all the activities were accomplished, we offered delicious foodand fresh fruits to our dearest guests. All children were so happy and delighted, especially after they’ve gotten our special gift - a small wooden boat from our school to remember the brave adventure they took.

Goodbye, May Flower! Sail through wind and waves!

Goodbye, brave sailors! Looking forward to seeing you again at MA!

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