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June 28, 2018

The Parent-teacher Conference or PTC is a meeting between the school and the parents to discuss the child’s progress in school. During the conference, the child’s skills, attitudes, disposition, character, general health, work habits, social and emotional relations, special aptitudes and other noteworthy activities are considered insofar as they affect his/her academic performance.

Parent-Teacher Conference is given premium and utmost importance because of the school’s core belief of family. We believe that together, the parents and teachers are partners and collaborators for the formation of the child.

Prior to the meeting, teachers gathered some learning evidences to display so parents can truly see how carefully we observe and document the children’s milestones and works in the Montessori classroom. 

Teachers Ben, Kelly and Rah of Tiger EC class were able to convey important messages to parents as kindergarten is a stage of intense development for each child. They shared lots of information about the work each child is doing at school. They interpret the child’s performance from in-class assessment and record keeping; highlight strengths and interests; offer ways to support areas for improvement; ways to support child at home during the summer break and goals for next school year – PARENTS and TEACHERS.

Parents were very happy to know that the teachers really take time to get to know their children not only in academics but also their socio-emotional, physical and other areas of development. It was indeed a very successful meeting and we are all very grateful to be part of the children’s learning journey this semester!

—— By Tiger Class Rah Salonga

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