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On March 15, Montessori Academy Xuhui Campus successful hosted a parentseminar around the topic of “The Montessori Way of Learning Languages”, seeingover 50 groups of parents (including those without children attending ourschools) signed up for it. Ms. Jeanette, a Montessori expert from Far EastHor…
To further promote the development of a child’s body and mind, parents are given a comprehensive understanding for their childrens potential learning and living conditions in the campus as well as helping parents understand the teaching philosophy of our campus. Montessori Academy Jing’an Campus re…
What is SWAT? What are their mission? We had seen a lot of movies about special force but do the children truly understand their purpose? With the assistance of Jinqiao Police Team, the SWAT Team of Pudong District Special Police Department came to Montessori Academy Biyun campus, bringing childre…
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