The First Week of Xiushan Campus
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Field trip to Century park
Field trip to Ocean park
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First week of school means meeting a lot of new friends and exploring new things together. For some of children, this could be their first school in life. Especially the toddlers, carrying their little knapsack, leaving the care of their family for the first time.This is a new environment to them …
Atthis age, we grew up. Thisyear, we graduated. Every June, I will reminisce the loss of time. The children’s admission to the school on the first day is still vivid. Recently, the graduating children wearing the graduation gown received the offer of admission to the elementary schools are look…
MA Xuhui Campus is turning to 1 year old in this January! Like a little child, our kindergarten is growing very fast and well! With hard works of our staffs and supports of children and families, the schools teaching quality is keeping improved, events and activities are keeping enriched and parents …
Since its founding in year 2005, Garden Party has always been loved by the parents and children. On this day, the school will invite the parents and the family members to the school to enjoy this joyous festival. On that day, the teachers from each classes had prepared different kind of fun activitie…
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