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May, the sun is Shining, the wind is blowing, in this season of family harmony, we ushered in this years Mothers Day, in this warm day, in order to let the children learn to appreciate the love of their mothers, children of Laoshan Campus, under the guidance of the teachers carried out the flower arr…
On21st June, Montessori Academy Qingdao Campus was invited by FM102.9 QingdaoEconomic radio to share the experience of montessori education with theparents of Qingdao city. Coco Xiao , the headmaster of Montessori Academy Laoshan Campus,and MandyZheng, the teaching manager of Shanghai headquarter S…
The famous artist Leonardo da Vinci said "I got my inspiration from two ways, one is my artistic perception , the other is a five year old heart." Every child has unlimited creativity and unrestrained imagination. On 23rd June, Montessori Academy(Lao shan Campus) held a painting activity…
At 3:00 on Saturday afternoon,Montessori Academy (Laoshan Campus) invited the kids from Qingdao Economicradio to visit our campus. Along with beautiful sights of mountain and sea, ourpainting teacher led the children to draw pictures in their eyes of thecharming Qingdao! Ti…
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