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Today, finally, after a long period of spring showers in Xiamen, the sun popped out in all its glory today. And what perfect timing it was too for the children and parents of Montessori Academy enjoyed their annual spring outing. Visiting Xiamen Bridge Museum On this occasion, all the children…
The first week of the school comes with our traditional Chinese festival - Lantern Festival. Children of MA enjoyed in a lot of traditional Chinese activities such as eating Yuanxiao and guessing lantern riddles. As an important part of Spring Festival, it marks the official end of the long holiday. …
Apart from Golf and Soccer, Montessori Academy comes with a new PE program… Balance Bicycle. The course is conducted by a professional coaching team from "QL laufmaschine". The coache’s humorous teaching style and professional guidance make this course popular among children. About Bal…
On the 23rd of November we celebrated Thanksgiving Day this year. Our chef Larry and Leo have been busy with preparing the food for Thanksgiving Buffet. As we want to provide children with nice and delicious food, Catering Advisory Committee of MA get together and arrange kids menu each week. …
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