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Embracing the Nature -- "Glory Garden" Farmland Family Day
Embracing the Nature -- "Glory Garden" Farmland Family Day

To celebrate the International Children's Day and the Dragon Boat Festival, we organized families from our kindergartens as well as our staff families to have a special experience in our own farmland in Chongming Island during the holiday. We prepared tasty food, fantastic outdoor activities and nature exploration. Parents and children experienced vegetable planting and fruit picking after morning snack. They visited the Bird Park and learned many kinds of birds that are rarely seen in the city. They also got a lot fun by feeding rabbits, sheep and visiting lovely ponies, alpaca. They had a special memorable day in the farmland. 

The event provided a good parent-child time and broadened children's knowledge of nature. The good news is that the spacious beautiful farmland as well as all the precious things of it will be continuously developed and used only for our Montessori Academy children as a Natural Education area.

Located in Chongming Island "Glory Garden" Ecological Farm is the agricultural division of Far East Horizon. It covers an area of more than 406,600 ㎡ and has six functional zones. This facility is exclusively for the company's employees and the Education Group. It is a perfect place for leisure and recreational activities. This environment is also utilized as a place for the children to extend their educational experiences.

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