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Happy Lantern Festival!
Happy Lantern Festival!

Children had a wonderful time making rice balls at Montessori Academy. Here's a snapshot of the event.

Teachers prepare the environment for the children to get down to a festive cooking class.

In we go!

Food safety education is paramount - children wash their hands before handling food.

I put on my apron to protect my clothes. Teacher do I look professional?

Teacher Grace demonstrates how to handle the rice dough. Children are captivated!

The dough is cut into small pieces to handle.

Roll, roll, roll the ball...gently as we go!

All the children were happily engaged throughout the class.

The unique style of children in the kitchen! 

Back to the classroom for more Lantern Festival fun!

Children in Koala and Kangaroo class made lanterns to decorate their classroom.

The classrooms capture the warmth of this special time of the year and the coming of spring, of fresh new starts and early morning starts - cock-a-doodle-do!

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