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Autumn, with the clean sky and the crisp air, it is the best time for outdoor activities. On Saturday, with all the students expectations and teachers careful preparation, we welcome the first sports day of Hong Wen Montessori Academy...
WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL! During the first week here at Wuchang campus, we ushered in new children and parents. The children are happy, curious, and eager to learn. Now is a good time to reflect upon the performance of the children in the first day of school. Boys and grils, on the first week of school, we want to t…..
As a parent what can be more important than the education of our children? It can be very frustrating at times to not be able to see or fully understand what is happening in the classroom. It is important for parents to observe a Montessori classroom so they can see first-hand the environment, how the children function…..
Innocent and imaginative, children are the best learners of the world; Candid and creative, children are the best painters of the world. On the very special day of International Childrens Day, why not take a tour of the field,to pick vegetables, DIY bamboo rice, fishing shrimp...... Lets take a look!..
At MA,we hope to promote an environment of positive learning and a community of parents who are lifelong learners. As a result, MA ParentsBook Club was held from last Monday.Once or more per month parents will be very welcome with a selected book! Brief Introduction: Children are beautiful jewels that have be…..
Were riding on a pony, a pony, a pony! Were riding on a pony, here we go! Woah! Woah! Woah! Horse riding, as well as being tremendous fun, has a growing list of proven physical and mental benefits, which have seen it used as therapy all around the world. On Thursday and Friday, we get 3 ponies in MA. The children were v…..
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