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MA Parents'Book Club
MA Parents'Book Club

At MA,we hope to promote an environment of positive learning and a community of parents who are lifelong learners. As a result, MA Parents'Book Club was held from last Monday.Once or more per month parents will be very welcome with a selected book!

Brief Introduction:

Children are beautiful jewels that have been entrusted to our care. We have a choice to polish the jewels to their natural brilliance or to dim them. By appreciating and working with the multifaceted talents of our children, we enable them to reach their greatest potential.

The well-known authoritarian and permissive methods for raising children cause power struggles and fail to help children develop the inner guidance they need to think for themselves and to care about others. Breakthrough Parenting instead offers a proven method for raising cooperative, happy, self-confident children. This easy-to-read and practical book, based on Dr. Jayne A. Major's experience with more than 14,000 families, is filled with numerous real-life examples showing Breakthrough Parenting in action. This is a book every parent should have!

We really appreciate the share of Ivy's mum. Through this book club, you will learn how to form a new relationship with your children, how to develop their strengths and how to get them to cooperate in ways you never thought possible. We expect more and more parents will join us!

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